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We work with you to understand your customer personas and research your market to create a winning digital marketing strategy that evolves with your business. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and act as an extension of your in-house team operating a fully transparent project management process. We bring together creative, marketing and technology into perfect harmony.

Social Media 

Social media

An engaging social media strategy.

We’re here to craft the perfect social media management strategy to both meet and exceed your needs and requirements. Engaging with your audience on social media is vital – you can achieve a 4.5% higher conversion rate through user-generated content from social platforms.

Why start social media?

Nearly half of the world's population is on social media, 3.03 billion people to be exact! This increases the importance of properly targeting your audience. Your brand’s official platforms need to produce social marketing with relevant and engaging social messages during your audience’s downtime, this is a proven method for lead generation.

Setting the strategy

Having a weak social media presence across all platforms isn't our style. In fact, you may not realise that some of the biggest social platforms may not even bring anything to your business. Instead, we understand the need for a tactical social media management strategy which informs, engages and converts within your audience.

SEO Services

Search engine optimisation

Simplicity from start to search.

Content, technical optimisation and authority optimisation need to be combined for a reliable SEO strategy. Our SEO agency specialises in each type, guaranteeing that your website gets the full treatment, including continuing to optimise the intent and conversion rate of your visitors. With search engines driving 300% more traffic to websites than social media, we understand the importance of great SEO.

Growth and efficiency

Growing big while spending less.

Making sure your brand is in front of people who are actively looking for products like yours is much more effective at driving engaged users than other digital channels. Advertising is brilliant for driving awareness, but if you're trying to grow engagement, SEO is the way to go.

User experience

Good SEO and good UX go hand in hand.

These days, the overlap between optimisations that improve SEO and those which improve user experience is huge. By investing in organic search, you're also investing in a better website for your users and helping to future-proof your business.

Pay per click 

Successful PPC

Ensuring that your paid media quite literally pays off.

We use a tried and tested 12-step process to engage your needs and produce a workable, tangible outcome. Constant refinement is key to a successful PPC campaign, and we’ll be periodically updating your strategy based on what your data is telling us.

PPC management

The ultimate tool for every trade.

Getting the most from your pay per click (PPC) management takes years of experience and a heavily data-led approach. With Olenium as your PPC agency, you're in safe hands.

Keyword analysis

Keywords are the key to success.

There's so much more to the channel than simply building out keywords and ad copy. That’s why we plan smart strategies that are loaded with audience data, and which allow us to hit the right people, at the right time, with the right message. Everything we do is driven by data. We never make assumptions, but operate instead by testing, testing, then testing again.

What do you get with us?

Our offering includes everything to do with PPC, starting with account audits, builds and restructures, and advert copy/ advert extension creation and implementation. We’re at the forefront of industry changes and betas, allowing us to be both efficient and cutting edge for all things paid search.

Our approach

Whether it’s keyword expansion, bid optimisations, breaking out different products, or simply talking to different audiences differently, it's all done with human checks. This approach gives us our base level traffic and performance, allowing our team to focus on strategic growth, testing and expansion.

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team who knows your project best.

Project Aftercare

One stop for technical support and campaign management.

Our Project Aftercare team can help you manage long term projects and make sure you understand your campaign analytics. Moreover, we will understand your market strategy to help build a stranger online business.

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Social media integration

Allows team workflows


In-depth analytics

Precise targeting

Increased sales

Track the user journey

24/7 support

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the making.

Our creation process is one of the most efficient in the business and we call it our Client Portal. When you place an order with us, we create you an Olenium ID which allows you to manage your project right from our interactive platform. You can leave feedback and request changes until your project meets your vision.

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