A holistic approach that encompasses everything needed for a successful business in the online world.

Tools to run your business – even when it’s not business as usual.

From retail to restaurants, we have tools to help anyone start a business online. An Olenium website syncs with your inventory and social media to help you sell right away.

Keep your business running right from your computer with the Olenium Dashboard. If you are able to offer remote services, send Invoices to secure new work and get paid remotely.

What makes our websites amazing?


Privacy built-in

In-depth analytics

Allows team workflows

Easy to drive traffic

Intuitive layout

Track the user journey

24/7 support

Social media integration

Mobile responsive

Order management system

Marketing ready

Project aftercare

Service and support from team who know your project best. With our aftercare service we can modify any aspect of your website from structure to content.


Ignite the creativity in every page.

User journey

Creating the perfect page layout starts with the customer.

We are devoted strategists and believe that thoughtful information architecture lays the groundwork for an intuitive, efficient, and effective website. We perform a thorough audit of existing and anticipated content, which we use to map out the most logical and organized structure for your site.

Responsive Design

The optimal experience for every device.

An Olenium website is designed with everyone in mind. That’s why all our websites are optimised to run on what every device your customers choose to use. From mobile to desktop your site will look sunning.

Bespoke Design

It's designed with your brand in mind.

We believe that remarkable design empowers user conversion. That’s why Olenium carefully crafts the design substrate in which your website will be built upon. Through this process we define over 50 key characteriscs of your website so that it perfectly complements your branding.

Cohesive Branding

Crafting a seamless connection from paper to web page.

Branding is the customers first impression of your company and its integral to building familiarity. We’ll develop your current brand identity into a consistent narrative throughout your website.


Telling us what you want couldn't be easier.

Start by choosing your page structure and then add elements that suit your sites purpose.

Most popular pages.

Home page

Product library

Shopping cart


Order confirmation

My account

Contact us

Store finder

Our services

Our process

Instant quote

Referal program

Our team


Jobs & careers

Our story


Legal pages

Most popular service integrations.







Apple Pay






Facebook Business





Google Ads

Most popular elements.

Page visual



Incredibly capable.
Incredibly insightful.

Start by choosing your page structure and then add elements that suit your sites purpose.

Flexible dashboard

Customize your dashboards in just a few clicks. Add, remove and edit analytics bits and pieces and let your data tell its story without any extra visualization tools.

Customer insight

See what users are doing on your website,and inside secure member areas. Get insight into their actions and characteristics using audience, acquisition and behaviour reporting.


See what users are doing on your website,and inside secure member areas. Get insight into their actions and characteristics using audience, acquisition and behaviour reporting.

Customer journey

We can help identify how users are interacting with your site and make changes along the way to encourage new customer conversion.

User flow

See the steps users take to reach their goal. Analyze their behavior starting from the first or the last interaction, or observe their flow through pages.

User channels

Build funnels using different types of user interactions – page views, custom events, downloads and other events available in our dashboard.

Dashboard Marketing

All our websites come optimised and ready for action.

Search engine optimisation

All websites produced by us are delivered with standard SEO optimization. SEO is the practice of getting targeted traffic to a website from a search engine’s organic rankings.

Social media integration

At Olenium we practically implement all of your organisation’s social media networks into your website. Having your social media implemented into your website is likely to increase your social following.

Lead generation

Generating leads is often one of the fundamental aspects of a website. Sites designed by Olenium are custom built to maximise the number of leads generated for your business.


It's loads quicker.

Access Anywhere

Your website can be accessed anywhere on earth. Any location anytime no matter where you are. At Olenium we use load balancing to establish a good safe and secure connection.


At Olenium all of the servers we use are entirely SSD based, use multiple CPUs and are 10GB/s a second. Because of this sites hosted by us are guaranteed to be high performing and highly reliable no matter your needs.

Perfect domain

A domain name is an address where users can access your website. The perfect domain is important so your clients are able to easily find you online. At Olenium we guarantee to help you identify your perfect domain.

Privacy & security

Your security and privacy is of the utmost importance to us here at Olenium. We guarantee to keep you safe and secure online, while also upkeeping your personal privacy no matter what.

Project aftercare


Get in touch

More to explore.

Project Aftercare

Get support and service from those
who know your project the best.


Let us promote you in front of millions.

What visual elements should we add?

Immerse your visitors using unique elements that make you stand out from your competition and provide a experience to remember.


Incorporating video helps aid and educate visitors to your site. Videos can be a helpful way of explaining something.


YouTube videos are useful aids to help explain things to your clients, you can add them anywhere on your website. 

3D model

3D Models could be added to showcase your organisation’s capabilities, a specific product and more.


Adding animations to your website is a great way to keep visitors engaged with your content and help focus them on what’s important. 


Allows user to under stand products better and do a much more controlled job of explaining than other elements such as images.

Live data

Show real-time data on your site such airport arrivals and live weather data. The possibilities are endless.


Calendars help keep track of important dates that visitors to your website may want to learn about. 


Add charts to visually show data and information to visitors of your website. Chart graphics help captivate users’ attention.

Augmented reality

Allows visitors to view models of your products through a their devices camera in a virtual way.

Satellite view

View your headquarters or main office using real-world satellite view, helping clients locate your organisation your operating area.

Motion graphics

Pieces of animation or digital footage which create the illusion of motion or rotation, help focus your visitor’s attention. 


Showcase important pieces of information on your website to help gage website visitors attention to a certain aspect of information. 

How will you communicate?

Communication is vital for lead generation and making sure your customers can contact your team, choose elements that make the process easy.

Live chat

Direct live chat with your organization that site visitors can engage in, should they need any help, assistance or guidance.

Request call back

Users can enter their contact number for a request to be called back, used to increase the amount of interaction with visitors.

Contact forms

Ask your clients a number of specific questions to be filled in, redeeming important information upon the first point of contact.


Users are able to add their email address to gain access to your organisation’s newsletter. Friendly easy way to increase promotion.


Show your headquarters, main office or operating area. This is a great way to help clients locate your business.

SMS text integration

Allow website users to directly SMT text message you, convenient if you work from your phone.

Facebook messenger

Integrate Facebook messenger into your site, allowing users to directly message your organisation’s page from your site.

WhatsApp messenger

Integrate the messenger service of Whatsapp into your site, allowing users to directly message you from your site.

Skype messenger

Integrate Skype messenger into your site, allowing users to directly message you from your site using the service.

Features to add to your online store

We offer a wide range of customer communication methods
which allow you to connect with you customers.

Add to cart

Adding a cart to your website helps to centralize your customers’ shopping experience. 

Order tracking

Allow site users to track their items on your website after the purchase of goods or services has been completed.

PDF invoice

Upon a customer making an order, both yourself and your client will receive a PDF invoice of the items purchased. 

Related products

When a client views a product a list of similar products will appear, this will help boost sales on your website. 

Ticket booking

Allow site users to book tickets to your organization’s events through your website, using a reliable and secure system. 


Allow users to purchase and view items in multiple types of currency, opening the door for clients outside of your own country. 

Product stock

A live up to date stat of the quantity of a specific product from your shop. 

3D product viewer

Customers can view your products in 3D, on a viewer built into your e-commerce platform, helping to drive sales. 

Coupon codes

Users can access special sales on your site with individual coupon codes for money off at checkout. 

User login

Access a custom-built portal to access payment and address information as well as reviewing past and current orders. 

Product categories

Separate your products into specific categories to items in your e-commerce store easier to view. 

Menu cart

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Wish list

Customers can add items from your shop onto a wish list, encouraging visitors to purchase items later on.


Add a donation element to enable visitors to make personal voluntary donations to your organization. 


Clients can subscribe to a service your organisation offers directly through your e-commerce site. 

What blogging elements should we add?

A blog is a great way to keep visitors up to date and improve
your websites overall website SEO.


Write and publish posts on your blogging site, they can be of any length of any topic of any genre.

Comments section

Help engage visitors to your blogging site by enabling a comment section for readers to interact over your work.


Add notifications to your site so every time a blog is posted your readers receive a notification directly to their smart device.

File download

Add download links to the blogging pages, these could be paid downloads, to allow users to easily access files.

Affiliate links

Embed affiliate links into your site, receive a commission when readers follow the link from your blogging site.

Share function

Readers can share blogs onto their personal various social media networks, helping to promote your blog.

On page view count

Live up to date view count from your written blog articles, keep up to date with exactly how many readers you have.

External links

Add links to other sites from your blogging site, help readers understand elements of your blog by directly linking them.


Let us know how we can help you.

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours and of course feel free to contact us at any point to discuss a project.

Project Aftercare

Service and support from the people who know your projects best.


£ 9
Per month
  • Olenium Hosting
  • Olenium Dashboard
  • SSL certificate (HTTPS)
  • 24/7 support team
  • 24/7 website monitoring


£ 39
Per month
  • Olenium Hosting
  • Olenium Dashboard
  • SSL certificate (HTTPS)
  • 24/7 support team
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Included domain name1
  • Fast tracked support
  • Dedicated Olenium liaison
  • Site content alterations2
  • Site visuals alterations3


£ 89
Per month
  • Olenium Hosting
  • Olenium Dashboard
  • SSL certificate (HTTPS)
  • 24/7 support team
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Included domain name1
  • Fast tracked support
  • Dedicated Olenium liaison
  • Site content alterations2
  • Site visuals alterations3
  • Site functionality alterations4
  • Google Business setup
  • Custom email address
  • SEO & performance audits
  • 10% off future Olenium orders

1. Domains must be available through AWS our DNS supplier.
2. Content alterations are subject to our Aftercare terms & conditions.
3. Visual alterations are subject to our Aftercare terms & conditions.
4. Functional alterations are subject to our Aftercare terms & conditions.